Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walking forward together

What is life without the struggle,
Without a youth to seek fresh waters,
Without the pains or pressures of our day,
Without knowing the crosses of men.

I don't want to be cut off from the pain,
The pain of a generation of sufferers,
No, there is nothing of a brother or sister,
That I want to be shielded from.

For as a young one learns the hardness of life,
He realizes he is not alone in the struggle,
But that he depends on many, and they on him.
Every smile and good thought brings sunshine.

Wayfarers it seems, we all are,
Journeyers into the dusk on a tired trek,
What can I hope to pack along with me?
What can I hope to keep and treasure?

I'm a begger of mercy and grace,
A grace that gives me hope to live,
My tomorrow and yours can surely be bright,
If we give to one another what we have.

When the wells of peace and joy dry,
Let our eyes turn Heavenward,
For we cannot drain out one another,
Rather be strengthened as a people.

I look for peace to reign today,
I have peace to offer you, friends,
Prayer, my fountain and guiding light,
Teaches, pacifies and fulfills me.

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