Friday, February 23, 2007

Work and life

I had posted earlier about sanctity as the current in the river of my life. What is the part of work in this? For me, work is a necessity in my life towards holiness. I need to work in an offering to my Heavenly Father, with complete trust, giving Him all that I have each day. Starting from the time I received education, I have to continue to practice virtue while I work and toil, trying to learn and grow as my Heavenly Father makes possible. I need to be prepared to take on the difficulties which may present themselves during the course of my professional life, always taking care to be at peace with people I work with.

The most valuable food for me is the words which my Lord Jesus Christ offers me with respect to living the Gospel. He teaches me through His own life as a carpenter, making furniture for people. He is a man of honour, though sometimes it seems in the Gospel that being a "carpenter's son" means that people do not receive His words even if He speaks exactly as the Father and the Holy Spirit inspire Him.

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