Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ode to Perot Pals

Hi, after having spent more than a year in Perot Systems, one of the most valuable gains has been the friends made during this time. I have composed a poem as a tribute to them:

We came from different places, colleges,
Freshers in search of a software job,
We landed in Perot Systems in the monsoon of 2004,
And here we were into professional life.

During the coffee breaks we met,
And hung around during the training,
And learned stuff and became friends,
And smiled and sent SMSs and chatted.

Then we joined the Shivalaya campus,
And ate lunch together in the food court,
And drank tea/coffee on the open-air chairs.
And were friends sharing so many things.

Now a year has passed, and we're here.
Some of us are in Perot, some elsewhere,
Thankful that we met and found each other,
In this phase of transit in our lives.

Well, there are picnics, parties, bumps and gifts,
But most precious, being friends, us people,
So nice to know and be together,
Never mind what we say or do.

So let us all thank God and thank our gang,
Every person different in his/her way.
Yet so happy together in a bond,
Of friendship that I pray remains to eternity.

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