Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dad with heart trouble

Daddy had a serious heart attack last week. It was a beautiful truth that God is there for us. Now we know, from the way he recovered, that God is truly here among us. Immanuel. Come Immanuel. Come.

Each day in with Christ is like heaven here on earth. Who said, things are far beyond repair, that this age is too bad? It was always a challenge in history. Nothing can change the truth about God and the universe.

Each man and woman decides and chooses whether they live with God or whether they do not. If they choose not to, they may never know him. If they choose to, they will see more.

Jesus said, those that have, they will have more. Those that do not, even what they have will be taken away. Only love can produce love. What you give is what you get. Life is never unfair. We have a beautiful gift in life. We can use this gift with this beautiful thing called freedom of choice.

Yet, our yearning for the perfect love, the perfect career, the perfect joy and happiness never ends. This is because man is not made just for some 60 years of living doing the same thing each day. His heart and mind has wings which want to fly.

But you cannot fly by pulling others down. If you want to fly, give, love, share and empty yourself. Then, you start again. You are fresh and can hold more. God bless you all.

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