Friday, February 04, 2005

Whats this life for?

What are we doing here? Software development. Where is this going to lead me? Where are the "intelectual pursuits going to take me"?
Right now, my philosophy of life is simple. God (yes I believe in God) has given me talents. So my job is to use these and produce fruit. Produce wonderful results. Make things better for me and for everyone.
Holy cow!! Where was I some years ago? No clue about engineering colleges until after the final year pre-varsity tuition classes started. So nice to be able to do so many wonderful things in life. To take on so many challenges and learn from them.

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  1. Hey this seems to be a universal state of mind ... atleast for the so called software professionals around the globe..ok let's not exaggerate,around India.. The philosophy of life is simple....rite but most of the time if not often we tend to complicate everything.... has thrown a helluva challenge across...the problem is we do not know if the lessons are learnt or if thatz the rite lesson we were meant to learn....