Friday, February 04, 2005

Baketball and me

What are the rules of this game? People leave me puzzled. The silly drama that unfolds every evening in the basketball court keeps me wondering. It is time in the evening to change into a pair of cheap shoes and go to the court.
I love to conquer new domains, take new challenges, defy the limits. In life, you have to keep growing. I wonder when I can conquer this game basketball. :)). Well, who cares if people laugh when you claim fouls and stuff. We've got to be fair. But we all want things loaded in our favor.
Like soccer, here also you find people who play rough. Its tough to play while keeping yourself from getting hurt and yet compete in the game. What we have then is a few minutes of sickening helplessness as in my case. Anyways, I play cool, and do my part. I know I may not seem up there right now but like everything, I will keep going!!

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