Friday, February 04, 2005

The road to soccer mastery

Soccer requires a lot of hard work. Early days, flashback to year 2000. I'm done with Pre-Varsity exams. Hoping for a good score. Go to the ground, early morning. A lot of josh. The pro's there see me as a talent.
A few years later, I have maturity as a player. However, there are no delectable successes. I am not selected in the college soccer team. That's alright in the long run as I've save lots of time not staying on after college hours.
The last couple of years, I get drawn into a strong personal priority set. Independent and free. I expend massive hours and energies ball juggling. Reach dizzy heights. Captain the department team to the inter-department title.
Come the time when you have to produce the goods. That after lots of time offline. Then, legs don't move. Breath is scant and labored. Stamina is disappeared, apparently. I will bite the dust if I don't put in the hard work. I know I need to labor long hours.

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