Monday, February 28, 2005

Akanksha Quiz Results

Our group, Prem Kumar, Edwin Arockiaraj, and I, won the Perot Systems Akanksha quiz last Friday. It was great fun all the way. It went till the tie breaker, which we clinched. Here follows a slice of the action...

Early on.. And fortunes turning
Group B, of Sourabh, Guru and Srivatsa were in the hunt early their group and ours shared the lead. There was a high gamble round in which the wild card Group A took a 40:20 option. They got it and surged by 40 points. Sourabh & co took the risk too, but ended up losing 20 and their way. We played safe, took the 20:10 option. Kept on the trail.

Last round
In the last round, we were 10 points behind the gamblers and 5 ahead of Group C, the stud's from Java, which I believe was perhaps the strongest group owing to the presence of Atulya Bharadwaj from Java.
The round was a clue-based round
Direct question - 20 points
After 1 clue - 15 points
2 clues - 10 points
3 clues - 5 points
Group A got it after 2 clues - 10 points, their lead now 20 points. We, Group D had to get it. The question: What does a cartographer make? MAPS. We couldn't wait to tell it out!! BINGO! At the end scores were tied. Groups A and D joint first on 80 points.

The climax
Tie breaker
Q1. What does LDAP represent? Our answer - Local Directory Access Protocol. The actual one - Lightweight ... Only the first word was wrong.
Q2. From which mountain is the Olympic torch taken each games to light the Olympic flame? Prem knew it for sure - Mount Olympus!!


  1. It was great to be part of such a good team...both You and Edwin were wonderful teammates.Though we were up against it we came through in the end.Hope we come together as a team again in the not too distant future.

  2. it was a good one till the end..
    there were ups and downs for everyone..
    we gambled at the end ( we had to.. no other option ) , and even though we lost , we did enjoy every bit of it...