Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas tree for children

On the Sunday before Christmas, we the animators at Sunday school together with the children organized a Christmas tree celebration with cultural events. The day started with Holy Mass, with the reading from the Bible about the angel announcing the good news to Mary that she would bear a Son, Jesus, who will save people from their sins. The choir, composed of children led us to sing lively hymns as we celebrated the mysteries of the sacrifice of Christ together. I especially love the words of the final blessing, when we ask God that we may be ready when Jesus comes.

My class of First Communicant children prepared a play. It was the first time I (co-)directed a play. I got help with the script and with direction from fellow parish youth. It went off better than I hoped, what with scrambling in practices where I could find scraps of time on Saturdays and the rare holiday in between. The photos are uploaded and I thought I'd share them:

A side view of the play. Dialogue between father and daughter (seated) played by Alton and Megan. My co-animator and co-director for the skit, Devin and children in the background (not visible from where the audience is seated)

The voice-overs doing their part: (L-R) Naomi, Ayushi, Sunil and Freddy (second row)

Joseph and Mary (played by Jude and Diana) look for a place for Jesus to be born

Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus. Angels (Daniel, Aquilla and Suzanna) are behind. Rag-pickers (Leonard, Rahul and John) come to see Him.

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    Nice one terence. it seems to be applicable to the place we live in.