Friday, January 13, 2006

Oven fresh poems

Two poems I just composed today, both for the unborn children. Here they are for you:

Standing for life

What is life?
To the skeptic?
To the hopeful?
To you and me?

The skeptic says it is hopeless,
That there is no worth in it
That the world is hell
That life is meaningless.

The hopeful says
It has a purpose,
It is beautiful and good,
Not for something tangible,
But life itself.

Our Creator made us,
Each muscle and sinew,
We were fearfully knit,
In our mother's womb.

So why destroy that very treasure,
unparalleled magnificence and art,
Why bathe our streets in blood
And let them cry out?

Those who learned nothing but Truth,
Who did not learn our world's ways
Who remained in innocence
Purer than crystal clear water.

So let us join and take a stand,
You and I today,
To be renewed each day,
For a tomorrow, their tomorrows.


Falling from a precipice

I was standing
At the end of the rock
I was staring far away
I'm your baby, falling from a precipice

It's miles below,
That step to life.
My touching the floor
Is my being born

Who will help me
Through that tender step
My God placed you
To bring me into the world

I'm falling now
Will I meet hard stone?
I'm falling now
Will I meet open arms?

Dad mum, do you hear me?
Do you hear the sound of love?
I can hear you great
I'm surrounded by beauty

Bathing in God's Love,
My creation, this wonderful thing,
To be just to be waiting now
Waiting to see you near.

Come and take me to you
Let's be forever true in this world
Come take me again
Lift me up to your bosom

My Father speaks now,
This is what He says of me,
This child will be a light,
A joy and beautiful peace.

Like my Son, who came,
Is this child in my image,
Take him to you now,
Do not kill this gift from me.


Do you hear them speak anything to you??

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