Friday, December 16, 2005

Can I ever have enough of God?

I always believed that God is close to all people and loves us madly. I am completely crazy about this love of God and it fills my heart, mind and intellect to such a degree that I seek to be in unity with my Creator and with all humanity through bonds that have no boundary and love that cannot be held inside any vessel. God excites me like nothing else and I simply am restless to know and learn the lessons in Philosophy and thought, Catholic Church teachings and love. I see this two thousand year plus old institution in such a fresh light that it excites me more than anything else ever.

I not only think that I have to learn, I think that what I know, or for that matter what any person knows, is pale and insignificant in comparison to what there is to know. I think that the simple followers of love, like the Saints, Therese of Lisieux and Saint Francis De Sales for instance were so immersed in this love of God that the words they had inside them were, even without intellectual effort, far more true and deep and at the same time beautiful than anything possible by human search. This is God's gift to us, the ability to see, in Unity with Him, the great infinitude of the Universe and the unfathomable truths.

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