Monday, June 27, 2005

Making Relationships Work

What is man’s greatest need? Studies of human psychology have shown that there are two governing desires of the human heart. One is to be loved. The other is to love. So it is that to be loved and to love is the greatest need of ours.
Wherever we live, whatever we do, however old we are, working, studying, at home, serving in the priesthood, regardless, there are always people around. We have our families. We have neighbors. We may have roommates. We may have classmates. We may have a peer group. We may have colleagues. It is but natural to want all our relationships to be wonderful. Let us ask Jesus how he would want to do it. Let us share a simple but profound message of love.

Childhood - the family
The parents sow the first seeds of spiritual, emotional and psychological fruit. They are the first teachers of everything. Sometimes when I think of how my parents took care of me, I want more. I seem to ask more of them. Yet, when I see it from their side, I wonder how it was possible. And for all the parents reading this – only when your kids become parents themselves, will they realize how great a job parenting is.

Adolescence is a time of massive changes – physical, psychological, emotional. During this time, you want to experiment, find out, and learn things. There are uncertainties ahead. Yet, you want to have friends. The key is to find the right company, the right emotional balance.
The church is a great privilege for catholic youth today. The Jesuit institutions provide an excellent atmosphere to grow into fine people.

Young Adults
These years, you are closer to what you will be for life. You get towards your career and vocation – marriage, single status or priesthood. Finding love is one thing one is keen to know about. The first step is to be beautiful people – to love more. The questions that young people have may cause people to discourage doubts about the faith. Nevertheless, this is awesome because it is a manifestation of growing into perfect love.

For those of use who have chosen a partner and decided to start a family, relationship is critical and requires a lot of sacrifice. Marital vows say “In good times and bad, in sickness and in health … all the days of my life.”

God calls all of us to love and be his children. Yet, some people feel specially called to carry Gods work through this time of history to spread the message of Jesus today. They may want to stay single so they can serve God and do his work better. They will want to give their whole heart to God. Priesthood requires enormous commitment. Initially, it starts with a firm “yes” to Jesus.

Jesus is the perfect love. He is “the way”, “the truth” and “the life”. God’s love is most faithful. He calls us to be rich. The bible is also called “the message of love”. Jesus calls us Catholics to be filled with this love without limit. The ways of heaven are infinite. I asked Jesus – How much you love me. “This much” he said and he spread out his arms and died.
Young people, you are here. The time is now. Are you ready to find perfect love, to carry this great love to all?

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