Thursday, April 14, 2005

Champoins League hots up!!

Some news from the Champions League. Chelsea through. Liverpool beat the Juventus hurdle. Controversy in the Milan derby. A conversation with a friend...

Me: How is work? Chelsea are in the semi-finals of the Champions league. They beat Bayern Munich 4-2 at home and lost 3-2 away. They meet Liverpool next.

Sourabh: ya I watched SportsLine yesterday....

What about Inter Milan and AC Milan?

Me: AC Milan won the first leg 2-0 but the second leg, Inters home game was cut short due to crowd violence. A spectator threw a missile at Milan keeper Dida. AC Milan was leading 1-0 at the time.

In this mornings match, Liverpool managed a clean sheet to deny Juventus a place in the semis. The match ended 0-0. Liverpool were carrying a 2-1 lead to Italy by virtue of a home win.

S: It is so surprising to see 2 English Premier league teams in the Semis of Champions league...Hope Chelsea wins it...

Me: I watched Chelsea's performances of late. I admit they have the arsenal to take it through. John Terry's defending has been impressive. Lampard's striking have been superlative. With suspended coach Jose Mourinho returning for the semis. And watching the game against Bayern, Drogba's heading prowess is showing on the European stage. Chelsea are dynamite right now.

S: But I heard John Terry got injured badly and may not be able to play the next match..

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