Thursday, February 10, 2005


Last night, I learned about the Italian emperor Caligula. He intrigued me when his reign was introduced as a reign of madness. His was a life out of control as I would put it.
His early years were marked with oppression and a sudden plunge to loneliness and helplessness. That after he lost his father to sickness and his family to murder. And he grew on an isolated island, within great restrictions.
His life after becoming roman emperor was wild with rejoicing and merrymaking for a while but then he had a nervous breakdown and it turned crazy and terrorizing. He had lustful nights and had unnatural sexual relationships with men.
In his later years, he became very much withdrawn from people and talked of himself as a God. On the whole, his life was a very strange one. His reign just lasted less than four years but his notoriety outgrew himself. I leave this open and inconclusive so we can have some comments...

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  1. Caligula - a great warning from history as to what an insane man can do if he has absolute power.